Lesley_Dill_13-1My work delves into literature, mysticism, performance, and also fashion as I explore the power of words to costume and reveal the psyche.

Whether in sculptures, mixed-media installations, photographs, drawings, or performances such as my opera Divide Light, I draw on a deep love of reading—as well as my time spent in Asia—to clothe or cover the human form with words. Language is a pivot for human experience.

Language, in visual or song form, connects the diverse array of media with which I work. Specific materials— paper, wire, horsehair, foil, photographs, bronzes, music—become the elements used to convey the complexities of communication. The often secret
yet bold meanings of words emerge
not only from seeing or hearing
their sounds, but from feeling them.
Language is a visceral experience.

My belief in words’ ability to stir feelings and make clear hidden meanings is the river that runs through all my work, whatever the form.

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